Welcome to Guru Vashishtha Vidyayan
Welcome to Guru Vashishtha Vidyayan
VIDYAYAN is committed to develop your Child to perfect manhood with love and care....
Guru Vashishtha Vidyayan was founded on 17 Jan. in 1990 by Smt. Mina Singh and Dr. Damodar Prasad Singh, This institution is based on ancient Indian Culture. The balanced development of the students can be done on the close relationship of the teachers & the students in every walk of life. Guru Vashishtha Vidyayan considers that the balanced development of the children can be done successfully only on the close relationship between teachers and students.

This Vidyayan endeavors to build on character and Indian culture in the children so that they may be ideal and competitive citizen of India.

Young children enter in to the competitive lives so that India could achieve its values among developed countries.
Children are mentally and physically devoted to their motherland, (mother tongue and maternal culture) & traditional culture.
To develop a close relationship between teachers and pupils by which India may again be regarded as world preceptor.

1. Guru Vashishtha Vidyayan The Creative institution situated at Maa Durga Nagar and Mina Vatika is 5 km from pious arrival place of lord Harihar Konharaghat , 1 km north-west f Hajipur railway station and east from the first petrol pump at Hajipur Lalganj Road. Here the students from 1 to VIII get their balanced education.

2. Admission:
Registration is Compulsory for admission. Which must be ensured till 15th March. Students will have to appear at a written test before getting admission.
Sub.- maks obtained – Oral – Total Math, Eng. Sc. -30x3=9 + 10 = 100

The syllabus of N.C.E.R.T. (C.B.S.E.) is taught from 1st to VIIIth classes, Best books of C.B.S.E. English medium published by private publications are selected by our expert committee.

Questions will be asked from short answers type and objective types.

The result will be published after one day of the examination. Admission will be taken within two days otherwise candidates of waiting list will be admitted.

The session of the school starts from 1st April to 31st March.

4. Students are tested (examined) by several level academically.

1st test by daily diary checking. , 2nd test by monthly unit test. , 3rd test by quarterly examination test.

Monthly unit test is taken on the last day of every month.
Answer books are submitted to guardians along with students to the transparency of the examinations.
The review of the standard of the examination is done by teachers, guardians and management at the P.T.A. meeting.

5. The Number of the students in classes : 35 students to 40 students are admitted in a class. This is in accordance to N.C.E.R.T. Scholar panel review in order to develop the quality of education

6. Attendance: Children progress by leaps & bounds with regular practice so 95% attendance is compulsory.

7. Education ends, but its end product should not be knowledge it self, but manhood first. For this children here recite Gitapath, Ramayanpath, Guru Vandan & Santi Path.

8. The relationship of teachers & disciples are strengthened so that they may be interested in mutual development. Due to this close relation once India was the world preceptor in ancient time. 9. A lot of programme are organised by the institution to form all round development in to students.

At every Saturday after interval, cultural activities are done. In which students take part in debate, quiz & music, So that they might be able to develop their personality.

The birth celebration of great men are hold here so the students may follow the quality of a good orator.

10. The yearly games and occasionally scout guide are managed here to train the students. After yearly games & sports competition the first, second and third winners are awarded.

11. Tour: upon the agreement of the guardians, students are taken to book fair, worth seeing places & also famous educational places.

Gaya, Pawapuri, Rajgrih, Kashi Mathura, Vindavan, Agra, Delhi, Allahabad, Jagnathpuri, Konark, Pokhara, Kathmandoo and Janakpur have been visited till now.

Problems and Solutions:
(i) On first Saturday of every month students problem is reviewed on same day.
.....The guardians are invited to discuss about academic developments.
(ii) School management reviews every quarterly examination of students and guides them.
(iv) Every year the foundation day is celebrated where children show their performance.


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